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Friday, March 14, 2014



It never seems like there's enough time to indulge our ability to get overly excited about doing things we're too old for. But maybe this is the time. As a kid, no matter what the sled hill actually, literally looked like, in my mind it meant soaring through the air at incredible speeds, watching chunks of soft, white debris explode around me in slow motion as I fought for life and glory. Since my family couldn't afford a video camera at that point, there really is no documented proof to reveal this to be based more on fact or fantasy. I remember that large jumps on the sledding hill were to be expected (my older brothers were snowboard ramp architects) and my friends were more in tune with Calvin & Hobbes logic and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater physics to really know any fear.  Fear came with age. I'm in my twenties and going sledding with my nieces and nephew showed now has shown me how old and conservative I've really become with my holiday winter-sports. There's nostalgia in that, for sure, but also the feeling of losing something.

The concept for this film developed partially out of that, but was also influenced by a few other things as well, like the old Calvin and Hobbes books that I recently rediscovered, and the knowledge that Michigan is currently experiencing one of the most epic winters of my lifetime.

In addition, there was some incentive to find another excuse to use the FS700, our slow motion camera. And also, I just wanted to prove to myself that I still no how to use the flaps and trim on a toboggan.

 The energy and composition was very much inspired by the design work of Jelle Martens, and the look and color for SLEDDING/AGAIN was based around an image I took of my friends Grant and Matthew last winter in the twilight glow.

01150016.JPG Film image

IMG_2894 graded

IMG_2893 graded

SLEDDING/AGAIN was filmed on our Sony FS700r slow motion camera, which with our Slog2 upgrade delivers footage equivalent to a RED camera.  And while we still film and work with our Canon 5D MarkIII pretty regularly, the FS700r is definitely our go-to for cinema quality output.

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JohnPaul Morris
Director of Photography
Eleven35 Productions


Maggie said...

Where was this filmed? It's the most important piece of the film to us Michigan people who lived thru this winter!
Thank you,
Maggie Daniels
Friend me on face book at Margaret Daniels!

trekerboy said...

It's awesome how you guys can take everyday events and make them into cinematic magic. What a gift you'all have!