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Monday, March 24, 2014

Air Services Inc.

ASI Title

Lately we’ve been experiencing a little more breathing room in our workflow than what had become normal last year. It’s important to be looking forward beyond next week, and the last few months have helped us get a little bit more vision for the future.

Air Services Incorporated is a client which is receiving a full rebrand through Intersection, a marketing agency we share an office with, and getting to create their web and TV ad was a welcome challenge.

Photography shot on Kodak Portra



The office interior shots, into which we later composited the Pittsburgh skyline, were captured at Hagerty Insurance here in Traverse City. A lot of the jet filming was done inside Air Services’ hangars, including the exterior and interior shots of the jets which we lit to look like sunset. We did finally get to fly on the last day of shooting, during which we captured the bulk of the aerial footage.
The black and white color grade really allowed us to think about the footage in new ways both during shooting and editing. In black and white, composition is so important. Subjects which normally stand on their own because of color, such as a sunset, are suddenly put on an even playing field with most other subjects.

One of my favorite shots is the slow approach of Mike Bullard from behind. Space in the jet cabin was limited for setting up the shot, but the composition worked beautifully for the extent of the camera motion.

Shooting product photography, both digital and film, was a huge highlight. Photography is a privilege for us. It’s ’s something both JohnPaul and I do in our free time and less often for work, so we were eager for the opportunity to shoot images for Air Services Inc.'s new website and branding. Some of the film shot from the jet while flying was a specialty aerial film, which turned out really good.


Thank you to Mike Bullard for being our talent and Hagerty Insurance for letting us film their beautiful space downtown!



          Thanks for scrolling,

          Matthew Bouwense

Produced with:
Sony FS700
Nikon 50mm 1.8, Nikon 35mm 1.4, Rokinon 24mm 1.5
1000W Fresnal
650W Frensal
Edited with Final Cut Pro 7
Animation and Compositing done in Motion4
Graded with Adobe Photoshop
Music composed by Grant Floering

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trekerboy said...

Did I really just get teary at a jet commercial? Hum, yup. Must have been an Eleven35 Production! Great work guys!