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Friday, November 15, 2013

Home from Home || Roo Panes Music Video

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In September we filmed another music video for Roo Panes, our British Folk artist friend from London.  Working with Roo is always interesting, both because his ideas are always great and unique, but also because every meeting and brainstorm session we have has to be conducted over Skype or e-mail.  I blame the Atlantic Ocean.

We've been EXCEPTIONALLY busy the past few months, and Home from Home was a last minute production that almost didn't happen, just because of time.  This shoot was day nine, ten, and eleven of eleven consecutive shooting days that I had between six different projects, so the original concept had to to morph a bit to accommodate the limited time resource.  But miracles happened, like finding a motorcycle with a sidecar and finding great actors and extras, and ultimately the fact that everything went smoothly is a miracle.  I'm not being dramatic when I say that this was one of the few projects we've taken on that actually could have failed, and we were prepared for that to happen, but it didn't!  Here is a teaser we released right after we released it wasn't going to fail and that we might actually have something.

We've been shooting with the FS700 for a few projects now, so it's been fun to shoot with a bigger camera that has a crisper image as well as the super slow motion options as well, but the biggest change we made for this project was with our color.  After editing, I worked with the footage to give it a fuller, smoother, "milky" look that's often seen in west coast lifestyle footage.  Smooth is probably the best way to describe it, but I've been getting into heavier grades recently for color, taking it farther and farther from the look the camera gives and closer to what I'm personally starting to favor.  The smooth, milky look is a bit different than the rich film look I traditionally try to achieve, but I'm all about trying new things and I really like the effect, so it's something that I'm continuing to experiment with as we work on our many current projects.  Take a look at the finished music video below and some before and after examples of the color grade.


written and posted by JohnPaul Morris, Eleven35 Productions

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trekerboy said...

The color work you do is amazing. Before seeing your work I never knew how much of a difference color would make. Very nicely done 11:35 Productions!