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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


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I'm so excited to post this film.  Jetty Rae officially released it over a week ago now, but I'm still just sitting happy about how well it turned out.  Very few films I'm done have so closely resembled the original vision for the project as Fallin does.  While we were filming, I remember looking at the takes playback on the monitor and thinking how does this look exactly like I imaged?  So I'm pretty stoked to post the finished project here, as well as some photos and behind the scenes video (very rewarding to watch).  And of course there are a hundred+ individuals to thank, especially since this was the project we pushed the big BE AN EXTRA campaign for (#beanextra).  Everything came together as it should have to produce... this.  Enjoy!  Or watch the official Youtube version on Jetty Rae's channel.

       Dancing in slow motion.
       Running in slow motion.
       Flying kitchenware, flowers, cutlery.
       A blizzard of confetti.
       A love story.

Fallin presents it's viewers with all of these things, and if it's half as much fun to watch as it was to film then I think we've done pretty well!  In the early meetings for Fallin I proposed a few different ideas, a slow motion dance hall, a dance hall that erupts into unified choreography, or a love story in reverse through time.  If I remember correctly, her response to me after I pitched the different ideas was something like "Let's do all of them."  Matthew was also at that meeting and immediately sided with Jetty.  So that took Fallin from being the simplest of the three music videos to immediately being the most complicated.  And I have no regrets.

But even outside of thinking about having to find 100 extras, a slow motion camera, a ton of confetti, wardrobe, and on and on, the first thing that needed to be done was to transform our mild mannered township hall into a lively 1950's dance hall.


Check out this nifty behind the scenes flick!

In closing I want to just clarify some things you might be wondering about.  First, all of the slow motion in Fallin' is 100% real, no footage had it's speed altered or enhanced.  It was shot on a special slow motion camera and Eleven35 Productions is now the PROUD OWNER of this camera!  The footage was recorded digitally and in color, and treated with custom built grayscale filters and grain after editing.  All of the flying objects are real, recorded in camera, though there are a few items that were recorded separately and were composited in, mostly items like books, knives and frying pans.  Yes, we did actually throw all of these items at our actors, but some of their best performances weren't necessarily during the exact moments when the coolest props were flying past them, so we added a few things so we could have the best of both worlds.  And who is the guy, you may be wondering?  That is Jason Stewart, Jetty Rae's husband.  Several candidates were considered for the part, but for a couple different reasons, Jason was given the role and did a fantastic job.

Special Thanks to our main filming locations, the Solon Township Hall in Cedar, Michigan, and Traverse City West Senior High who let us film all of the running sequences on their property.  Also our gratitude to 3 very important groups of people, THANK YOU
1.  All of our extras (couldn't have done this without you)
2.  All of our dancers and athletic types (we had some free runners whose skills flew quietly under the radar on this project)
3.  All of those who made our confetti (yes, all the confetti in Fallin was 100% hand made by about 8(ish) committed individals)

I should also mention that my own sister, Jenny Morris, who has toured the country and internationally as a classical ballet dancer, choreographed the dance sequence for the film.  So proud of her, happy we could do something together.

So know there's only one more music video left to finish for Jetty Rae, look for it next week!

- JohnPaul Morris


trekerboy said...

Awesome post John Paul; great to see some of the fantastic footage that didn't make it to the final video. Imagine you've got enough stock dancing footage now to last you the rest of your life!

Savannah Buist said...

This is incredible. The cinematic beauty of each scene is breath-taking. Congrats to everyone involved. We can't wait to work with you guys. :D