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Friday, August 30, 2013

Film Friday //WATER//

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It's Friday again!  Summer has been unbelievably busy, so a chance to get to the lake and do some underwater filming for the last Jetty Rae video was something we decided to take full advantage of. And while I don't want to reveal too much about what we're working on for the music video (no sense revealing too much too soon), we worked on another vignette called //WATER// that we're debuting as this week's Film Friday piece.

Audrey drove all the way out to Crystal Lake to be in the film, so a big thank you to her, especially for being such a good sport about spending so much time in the water, and so much time under it.

Crystal Lake was warm.  Really warm.  It was a happy surprise.  It's also amazingly clear, which is why we chose to film there.  It has the clearest water in Northern Michigan, or so Matthew's web research concluded.

Still One

Still TwoStill FourStill Three

We filmed at the Crystal Lake Yacht Club.  Stu, the owner, was very happy to allow us to film there with very few questions asked.  He made a point to come out and introduce himself, and even in a short conversation, it became clear that he's an extraordinary human and has seen and done a lot.  I'm hoping to hear more from him in the future.  Maybe at some point he'll be keen to share on the blog some of his life as an Arctic explorer.

It was a good day all around.  Any day I can get in the water is a good day, but it was good well beyond that.  Even the normal technical goblins that haunt every underwater shoot were unusually absent.  Looking forward to sharing more, especially the last Jetty Rae music video.  As always, exciting things coming.

[Behind the Scenes video coming soon]

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trekerboy said...

Wow, now I know why they call it crystal lake! Beautiful, and clear. Loved the light underwater and the die was a nice touch!

trekerboy said...

Now I know why they call it Crystal lake; crystal clear above and below the surface! Really cool light under water, and the colored powder was a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

simply amazing!!!!

Patt said...

Love it!!