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Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's been spring, on and off, the past month or so and I'm finally getting around to one of my favorite hobbies:  playing with new equipment.

The main thing I've been trying to do is get used to the full size sensor on the Canon 5D Mk II.  I'm so used to working with cropped sensors that working with this new camera is causing as much confusion as it is joy.  I've also been trying out some different camera moves using a combination of tripod heads and slider dollies, you know, those things.  Oh those things!  They seem really simple to use, but I'm almost positive I'm using them completely wrong and it's working great.

Rule breaking.  I love it.

The Second Sequence is just a short compilation of the footage I collected.   I put enough time into this to be happy with it, but it's still not exactly a masterpiece, it's still just show-and-tell that I'm calling "The Second Sequence" since spring is the second season of the Northern Hemisphere's year.



The Second Sequence Thumb 2

The Second Sequence Thumb 1

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